Healthy Homes for Veterans

HHFV is CCC non-profit wing. We assist Vets by helping keep their environment healthy and happy. At no charge, we receive referrals from the Veteran office when our Vets face challenges at their residents. We deep clean, disinfect and remove clutter to help them stay in their homes.

We employ VETS!

Alongside our excellent civilian corps of house cleaning professionals, we seek to employ veterans, as well as volunteer our expertise cleaning services, to help wounded vets who can use encouragement, through a little help around their home.

Combat Clean has cleaned over 20 Veteran's home at no charge in 2022-23.

You don’t have to be a veteran to take advantage of our exceptional cleaning services - we can handle any job-reoccurring residential cleaning, deep cleaning, office cleaning, new construction - I have your back!

Ready to get started?

Let Charolette's Combat Clean get to work.

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